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Lydia Blackwell

“Vision is the art of seeing what is impossible to others.” (Jonathan Swift). The truth is, Lydia Blackwell has always been a visionary, but she didn’t act upon those skills until a major life change forced the occasion. That opportunity came in the form of real estate, and the character traits she developed growing up would become her greatest asset, helping her see the possibility in everything.

Lydia was born in Mexico, Missouri, one of seven children. Her Dad was a high school and college basketball coach who worked three jobs to support his family. Her Mom stayed at home to raise the children, and was a fantastic cook and decorator. Lydia would not only become an incredible blend of the two, but the strong work ethic she learned from her father would bring her confidence and position her for success.

As soon as Lydia discovered the world of real estate, she explored multiple avenues. She began investing in houses and flipping them, turning some of them into Airbnb properties. Her visionary skills and decorating skills made the perfect combination. She can walk into a house and see walls moved, kitchens renovated, new flooring, and paint colors, giving her the ability to advise and work intuitively with her clients to deliver their own vision. All of this experience led her to develop a unique concept and company called Real Estate Store, which includes sales, investing, short term rentals, & decorating. This move has created big opportunities and stress-free success for their clients, whether they’re growing a nest, emptying one, or investing in several. It’s also the reason they’ve adopted the mantra, “Making Moves”.

Today, Lydia has become known for offering multiple real estate options and creating a concept that attracts both clients and agents alike. In fact, she joined forces with TJ Roberts, her new business partner in the brokerage, in 2020, a move she made with great pride. Now, Lydia and TJ are growing the brokerage by attracting selective agents who are serious about service and can offer their clients more options, too. They handle all the moving parts to make any move easy to understand, seamless & stress-free. They help investors who are seeking to flip properties or manage their Airbnb portfolio. They’re also advocates for first time homeowners & young professionals who rely on our experience. In addition, they assist empty nesters who are seeking a home more suitable for their current needs. Lydia’s success has earned her RE/MAX Dixie Broker of the Year and HBA Associate of the Year, as well as several real estate certifications to enhance her expertise.

When Lydia isn’t making moves that help her clients achieve success, she’s binge watching a Netflix series, spending time with her friends & family, or cooking one of her signature dishes, Veal Picatta or corn beef & cabbage. But the one move that brings her the most joy is seeing her agents and clients achieve a level of success they never thought was possible.