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TJ Roberts

Edwin Louis Cole said, “Maturity comes not with age, but with the acceptance of responsibility.” For TJ Roberts, this began around the age of twelve when his parents included him in the tasks and decision making process of building their family’s custom home. Since that time, he has been enmeshed in some byproduct of real estate.

TJ was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and is the only child of an educator and an accountant. Responsibility came early, and it landed on capable shoulders. He learned business acumen from his Dad, who he says is a well respected source of information or referrals about virtually anything. His Mom provided an entirely different skill set, allowing him to educate others, and the combination of that upbringing gave him the outlook and approach he has in business and life today. While they were building their family home, they involved TJ in every step of the process, from open houses and Parade of Homes tours to shopping for materials and overseeing architectural plans.

Years later, he took the responsibility of college seriously, too. He even decided to take the LSAT just to see if he could pass it, and he succeeded on the first try. However, he chose a more entrepreneurial route than law school, and found his place in real estate, where he could exercise his experience since youth, as well as have more control over his schedule and destiny. That was when he began working under the mentorship of Lydia Blackwell. They soon discovered their blended talents would make the perfect brokerage partnership. In 2020, they created a unique brokerage concept called Real Estate Store, which includes sales, investing, short term rentals, & decorating. This move has created big opportunities and stress-free success for their clients, whether they’re growing a nest, emptying one, or investing in several. It’s also the reason they’ve adopted the mantra, “Making Moves”.

Now, TJ and Lydia are growing the brokerage by attracting selective agents who are serious about service and can offer their clients more options, too. They handle all the moving parts to make any move easy to understand, seamless & stress-free. They help investors who are seeking to flip properties or manage their Airbnb portfolio. They’re also advocates for first time homeowners & young professionals who need more guidance. In addition, they assist empty nesters who are seeking a home more suitable for their current needs.

When TJ isn’t making moves in real estate, he spends the majority of his time officiating youth football, basketball, and track & field. One of his life goals is to create a financial literacy program for low income youth and young adults. On a personal note, he recently completed his first personal full home remodel. He’s never been afraid of responsibility or leadership, and those are the qualities that keep him moving in the right direction.