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Kitchen Trends for 2021

Kitchen Trends for 2019 Blog
So, what is hot and what is not in kitchens for the upcoming year of 2019?
All white kitchens are still very popular, I thought they were trying to bring color and wood stain cabinets back in but apparently the consumer still prefers the light and bright kitchen. Is this partly because we are staying home and cooking more so we want a happy positive environment? I think so.
After 2020 forced us to stay home more we are going to see décor trends move towards comfort and practicality versus luxury uncomfortable furniture and spaces.
But I digress, back to kitchen trends. Islands are almost a must these days giving us more cooking and seating space. Many homeowners are including pet spaces in them for either food bowls and/or sleeping pillows for Fido or Tabby. Many islands will have the range built into that so over the range microwaves are disappearing and landing in a drawer format in the island.
Wallpaper is BACK! I knew this day would come because everything comes back eventually and that time is now.
Lastly, marble countertops are huge although this author is not a fan because along with quartz these countertops can stain and quite frankly I like my red wine. I am still a granite fan.
There you go, just a few trends and my thoughts on them.