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Mobile Mardi Gras

Did you know Mobile created Mardi Gras, NOT New Orleans! Below is a brief timeline of the beginning of Mardi Gras according to the Mobile Carnival Museum.  Which by the way is a really fun and interesting museum to visit whether you are a tourist or a Mobilian.  This upcoming year, 2024, our parades start […]

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Kitchen Trends in 2021

So, what is hot and what is not in kitchens for the upcoming year of 2021? All white kitchens are still very popular, I thought they were trying to bring color and wood stain cabinets back in but apparently the consumer still prefers the light and bright kitchen. Is this partly because we are staying […]

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Tailgating in Mobile

Tailgating in Mobile Everyone knows about tailgating at a football game but Mobile takes it step further and is creative in finding ways to put on a spread of food and libations. Mardi Gras is a festive time of the year and everyone wants to watch a parade. Of course, our parades include krewe members […]

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What in the World is a Mudbug?

                                  What On Earth is a Mudbug? And why would you eat it? Actually, the real question is where do they come from? When I was a young girl in Mexico, Missouri (I know, weird) we had a creek […]

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How to Pronounce Mobile

Here in the South we have several sayings but one of them is “every word has 3 syllables”. That holds true for our beautiful city’s name. You can always tell when someone on television or on a phone voice loop is not from the South. They pronounce Mobile as if it were a cute little […]

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